Pool Stick Sales in Lockport, Illinois

The knowledgeable staff at Diamond's Restaurant and Bar in Lockport, Illinois, offers top-of-the-line pool stick sales and billiard accessories.  Pool stick cleaning and repair is also offered.

Pool Stick Sales
We carry all of the top brand name cues and accessories. If we don't have it in stock, we will order it for you. Some of the brand cues and supplies we carry are:

• Action® • Lucasi® • McDermott® • Poison® • Viking®

• Predator®

• Stealth® • Tiger® • Meucci® • Cuetec® • Balabushka® • Players®

Billiard Supplies and Accessories
You need not shop anywhere else for your billiard supplies. We have everything you need. We offer a variety of accessories and training aids, including:

• Tip Shapers
• Tip Tools
• Shaft Cleaners
• Gloves
• Chalk (Blue Diamond, Balabushka, Master, Kamui & More)

• Cue Holders
• Cue Bags


For the home enthusiast, we also offer a pool table cloth replacement and installation service.

Shooting Pool, Pool Stick Sales in Lockport, IL

Our History
We have a love of the game like no other. With more than 10 years of experience driving our staff, we decided to open our own sales and repair shop in 2012. We were tired of waiting for what seemed like years to have our cues serviced at other establishments, so we decided to open our own store focused on fast and thorough customer service.  

Your satisfaction is our goal as we continue to expand. We offer quality pool stick repair and cleaning at affordable prices.

Contact us at (815) 838-6605 for more information on all our pool and billiard accessories.

Pool Cue Repair in Lockport, Illinois

We offer pool cue repair and cloth installation for your billiard table.

Pool Cue Repair and Cleaning
When you trust us for your repairs and maintenance, you will not be disappointed. We will clean your cue shaft and repair any nicks or scratches if they are repairable, which will make your cue shine like brand new again.

Joint and ferrule repair isn't a problem. Our team can perform these tasks and you will be amazed at the results.

We also offer on-site machined pool ball cleaning.

Our Pool Cue Tips
As most pool and billiard players know, your cue tip is vital to your success as a player. Our authorized installers will replace your old worn tip with a brand new tip from such top names as:

• Kamui® • Wizard®
• Tiger® • Samsara® • Triangle®

• Aramith®


• Water Buffalo® • Le Pro® • Flying Pig®

As always, if anything that you may require isn't currently in stock, we will place an order for you.

Cue Repair Equipment, Pool Cue Repair in Lockport, IL
Pool Cues, Pool Cue Repair in Lockport, IL